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Ankara Fabrics as Corporate Suits

Ankara Fabrics as Suits…. the Continuation

Ankara Fabrics is a continuation of this particular post (30 INSPIRING ANKARA STYLES FROM WEST AFRICA) . Like an interesting season movies, one episode is not just enough to tell a beautiful story, likewise in this case of the Ankara Fabrics and Styles.

I last mention that I was inspired to write this post as a result of the fact that, almost every where i go or turn to, be it events or TV Stations, the Ankara Fabrics are seen  in different forms.

However, in this very post, the focus is on How to Wear your Ankara Fabrics as Corporate Suit or as a Typical Corporate Office Wear, my reasons for sharing this post remains the same, i simply do not want you to be left out in the area of what is trending in the African fashion World. My job here is to not just make you look trendy but to make sure you look outstanding by inspiring you with nice piece of Ankara Fabrics design collections.

This blog was started to make you get the AEOM (All Eyes On Me) attention anytime you rock some of our suggested design styles to any event, occasion or even office.

The Ankara Materials are now turned into things you never literally thought it could be used for.

Well below  are carefully selected Ankara Fabrics in corporate designs. The essence is simple, pick a style and call your Tailor or Fashion Designer, download the picture and simply ask him/her to give you exactly that style of design putting in consideration your own body shape for best result.  Don’t also forget that we always encourage the use of accessories, keep it light, keep the accessory on a low key do not over emphasis things as doing so can mess your entire dress sense up. Enjoy!



Celebrity Pick: Linda Ikeji Corporate Looks Fashion Styles Idea




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